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Flavors of Health (Digital PDF)


This book is for those who . . .

  • -would like tasty plant-based dishes to maximize help for health

  • -are vegetarians or meat eaters

  • -wish to please vegetarian guests or family members

  • -enjoy the flavors and typical dishes of Latin America

“I’ve had the privilege of reviewing this vegetarian cookbook . . .which I find very interesting. It has an excellent variety, not only of recipes, but also tips on planning a vegetarian cuisine. No animal products are used and the recipes generally use sugar and oil in very reduced amounts. I consider that this will be a great help for those who desire a kitchen free of the animal products that nowadays are causing serious health problems.”

-Dr. Hans Diehl, founder of CHIP and Director of Lifestyle Medicine Institute, Loma Linda, California, USA

“Before reading these vegetarian recipes without milk or eggs, I thought it was difficult to prepare main dishes and desserts this way and find them tasty. After trying some of these recipes I can sincerely state that they are delicious . . .”

-Ruth A. Collins, Author and spiritual counselor

As a mother-daughter team, it is our desire to share with you some favorites from our collection of bilingual and cross-cultural vegetarian recipes. Now you too can enjoy what we have shared in Latin America, West Africa, Canada, and the United States of America.

Arna Robinson Gilkes BSRN

Lucia Tiffany RN, MPH

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